So beautiful

Been walking the last two days on the dirt road through the vineyards. Love the way the vines are lined up in perfect rows as far as the eye can see.

Even though the day was gorgeous, made myself glaze. Carried the buckets to my little patio to glaze. So worth the effort to sit with the cool breezes and nature. The glazing will be a mess. Note to self, chemicals are not the same from country to country. Really have no idea how the combinations will react. Yes there are test tiles but I have combined oxides, slips and glazes to create one interesting surface.

The new group is starting to arrive at La Meridiana. The studio class room is shining clean ready to greet all those eager faces. Welcome dinner at 7:15!

#LaMeridiana #artresidency #contemporaryceramics #ceramics #michellematthews

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